Your APR Account number is on your APR Supply Invoice. If you do not have an invoice, you may contact your Local Salesperson or your Local Branch and ask them to provide you with your Account Number.

For security reasons, APR Supply must validate your account and authorization to create a login on behalf of the customer account you selected. APR Supply strives to prevent inappropriate login accounts being created against your account.

You can typically expect to receive an email confirming your account’s activation within 24 hours of registration during the business week.

No, however, you can still see products as an Anonymous user.

We do not recommend the practice of sharing account credentials between multiple users. We recommend each person have their own login credentials so as people come and go within your organization, we can disable accounts and prevent them from placing orders on behalf of your company. If you do not have an email address that you can use for your account, please let us know.


The Advanced Search option allows you to narrow down the results of your search so that you will only get results based on the data field you select. You can do an Advanced Search for several products at once using our Quick Order feature.

The Quick Order Pad is an easy way to add multiple products to your cart at one time. With the Quick Order Pad, you can search for multiple products using a specific search criteria to make building your order faster than ever.

Before you enter your search terms, you must specify your search criteria in the Filter and Input Settings section. In this section, you determine which field of information you want the system to use when searching for products. The settings you choose will be applied to whichever input method you use.

Input Settings

After choosing your desired search criteria, choose an input method and submit your search terms.

Express View is a display option that allows you to view lists of products in a condensed, easy-to-read format. You can enable Express View by going to the “View” option above a list of products and selecting the Express View option.

Input Settings

We do not currently have a way to pay invoices directly from our website. However, you can still pay your invoices online using the website of a third-party company called Invoice Central. You can also find a link to this site at the bottom of your account inquiry page.

If you find you are interested in paying your APR invoice through Invoice Central, the first thing you must do on the Invoice Central site is to click on the Sign-Up button and create an account.

After you create an account, log in and search for APR Supply on the Vendors tab. This is where you use the login information in the box at the bottom of your invoices. The Login ID is your APR account # and the Enrollment Token is used to validate your identity. You can also use a recent APR invoice number to validate your identity.


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