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Quickflash Weatherproofing Products, Inc. is the best solution for Air Sealing and Moisture Management. Quickflash is easy to install,  the flashing panels replace the old and unreliable caulking, tape flashing, spray foams, and sheet metal flashing methods. This can help builders save thousands of dollars each year from potential moisture related. 

Quickflash provides easy and affordable solutions to water damage and leaks which have become a growing and costly problem to builders, architects, insurance companies, and homeowners. These Quickflash panels complete the building envelope system and offer a no caulk friction seal for reducing liability for moisture intrusion, creating an air barrier, and even preventing insect infestation through the penetrations or protrusions. Due to the fact that caulking breaks down over time, incomplete and improper caulking is one of the main sources of water intrusions and proper sealing is key.

You flash everything else – doors, windows, vents – NOW, you can flash the exterior penetrations as well.


Craig Ratajczyk


With over 30 years of building experience with an emphasis on air-sealing and water management, Craig has seen all kinds of poor practices.  Reach out to him as he is available for training’s and product knowledge.



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Quickflash® is the first and only company in the world to patent and provide a custom flashing solution that is made specifically for A/C Freon line sets that penetrate the vertical walls of a structure to help prevent mold and mildew.

Typically, a roof vent or sheet metal flashing is used for these applications but these methods present significant liability problems for builders and contractors because:

1. Roof vent flashing manufacturers do not warranty their products for vertical wall applications thus placing all of the liability on builders and contractors if / when the products fail over time.

2. Sheet metal flashings are made from galvanized steel which is incompatible with copper Freon lines and will cause electrolysis when they come in direct contact which can result in Freon leaks.

3. Most roof vent flashings and sheet metal flashings do not seal around the line set and require additional tape, caulk, or mastics to create a weatherproof seal. These sealants require maintenance and break down over time and with exposure to the elements and UV rays, sometimes causing holes large enough for pests like mice and insects to enter the wall cavity.

Quickflash’s A/C Line Set flashing panel solves all of these problems.

Made from a UV inhibited compound, these panels are non-corrosive and non-conductive and are designed to withstand decades of UV exposure. They come with Quickflash’s standard 10 year limited warranty and have a built in recessed seal to provide maximum protection from moisture, air, and pest infiltrations. In addition, the A/C Line Set flashing panels are designed to eliminate all of the maintenance associated with the tape, caulk, and mastics used with other methods.

Besides the functionality improvements, Quickflash® panels are also more aesthetically pleasing with a “cleaner” installation and professional look once installed. The panels have been designed with a ready to paint surface so it can match any exterior façade color.

With the price being comparable to the existing methods, Quickflash’s A/C Line Set flashing panels will help reduce builder and contractor liability for air and moisture intrusion as well as help reduce the number of warranty issues and call backs.