Pro Charge Products strives to create effective and innovative products designed for HVAC service and maintenance. The additives we use like our UV dye and sealant are unique to Pro Charge and are pre-blended with different types of refrigerants to make an easy to use and effective service tool designed to save you time and money. We also offer accessory products like our special push-button hose with gauge and small UV light. We currently have many more new and exciting products in development, which help us meet our ultimate goal – to make sure that servicing your HVAC equipment has never been easier!


Rich Bond


I worked in the HVAC field, both commercial and residential, for about 6 years and during that time I never once used additives that were easy to use or didn’t leave a mess. One day my business partner Angel and I were talking about additives and we thought “Why can’t it be as easy as using refrigerant?” That’s where the idea started and after a ton of testing and development, we came up with the product you know as Pro Charge.

Angel Rodriguez


Hello! I’m Angel Rodriguez one of the brilliant Partners of Pro Charge. Let me give you a little history about our crew: Rich Bond and I started 3 years ago in his garage cleaning the refrigerant we all know and love. Then one day, the both of us asked, “Why can’t we just pre-blend hvac additives into the gas?” and, after intense R&D, Pro Charge was born. This product changes the game with hvac additives, and we have so many more ideas of blends to start creating. Our job is to keep providing great products to our valued customers.



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Pro Charge Brochure


In each can there is 1.9 pounds of R-22 pre-blended with UV dye and sealant to help you top off systems that have leaked some of their charge without having to go out and buy a full sized cylinder of R22.

Each can has an easy to use 1/4″ service port that works with any standard refrigerant hose/manifold setup. There is no need to buy an additional tool or piece of equipment to use Pro Charge.

Our sealant is a non-polymer formula which is safe for system components and technicians tools. The sealant does not react with air or moisture within the system so it wont activate until a leak is present. Once that leak is sealed, the rest of our sealant will remain inert in the system until the next time it is needed.