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GeoStar Geothermal Heat Pumps: GeoStar is dedicated to producing the most affordable, efficient, and environmentally friendly geothermal heat pumps available. We know the importance of every dollar put into your customers homes and believe in the preservation of natural resources.

GeoStar utilizes the highest-efficiency motors, compressors, air coils, and coaxes and tests every new component to determine if it exceeds current standards. Also, recycled materials are used in all major components which can then be recycled at the end of the equipment’s long and useful life. That in addition to recycling everything possible in-house means we practice what we preach and stand behind our message.

A greener today means a brighter tomorrow both for you and your customers and for future generations. GeoStar is devoted to making our equipment as earth-friendly as possible – all while providing the most comfortable method of heating and cooling for your customers.


Chris Wasko

Territory Manager

Chris Wasko has been with GeoStar for almost 4 years and in the HVAC industry for over 27 years. Chris currently supports GeoStar as a Territory Manager across southern PA, SE Ohio, WV, DE, and southern NJ. Chris was a Regional Manager for the GeoStar distributor sales channel for over 3 years. He supported and managed GeoStar distributors in 22 states across the eastern United States. Our goal is to help facilitate and bring GeoStar Geothermal to the front-lines of APR Supply, and help build a professional team of installing and servicing GeoStar Geothermal contractors.

Scott Kreyer

Territory Manager

Scott is a sales professional that has been with the Geostar manufacturer for 4 years servicing Central & Western Pennsylvania extending in to Eastern Ohio. Prior to Geostar, Scott was lead estimator for an hydronic controls company working with HVAC contractors across the USA and Canada on residential and light commercial hydronic systems applications including both conventional and geothermal heating & cooling sources.  “My job with Geostar is to help your business by providing fast solutions at smart pricing… because; if your business is not profitable, my business has no chance to be.”  



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The Sycamore Series is our most impressive system yet. With an amazing 41 EER and 5.3 COP, the Sycamore is more than twice as efficient as ordinary heat pumps and a third more efficient than current dual capacity geothermal heat pumps. A variable capacity compressor works in concert with a variable speed blower motor and variable speed loop pump to provide the utmost in comfort and groundbreaking efficiencies. The Sycamore ramps itself up or down to provide exactly the output your home needs at any given time while also offering soft start capabilities. This eliminates light flicker and provides ultra-quiet operation. Add in the Aurora family of controls for two-way communication and energy monitoring capabilities, and you have one of the most advanced heating and cooling systems on the planet.

All-in-One: The Sycamore can handle heating, cooling, and hot water assist all in one unit—no need for a noisy outdoor air conditioning unit.

Variable Capacity Compressor: Variable capacity compressors offer soft start capabilities and gently ramp up to speed for quiet operation while also eliminating light flicker.

Controls: Powerful Aurora controls offer two-way communication between components, industry-leading operating logic, and thorough troubleshooting capabilities. An expansion board adds true energy monitoring capabilities, extended hot water generation control and more.