Arzel Zoning Technology, Inc.


For almost 40 years, Arzel® has been manufacturing and distributing the highest quality HVAC zoning equipment from our factory in Cleveland, Ohio. Our products offer superior quality and reliability, ease of installation and the industries ONLY lifetime warranty. The company grew to the size it is today by using a simple philosophy:

Offer a long-lasting product at a fair price, that will improve comfort in a customer’s home or business.

Our objective is to help contractors be more efficient by providing outstanding technical support, training, and products that last. Our zoning solutions are designed for new construction and retrofit, residential and light commercial applications. Outstanding customer service, innovative products, and overall reliability are why so many contractors use only Arzel® Zoning systems.


David Domanick

Distribution Sales Manager

I’ve been with Arzel for over a year now, and I find it encouraging to be a part of a company that stands behind their product the way we do. I look forward to connecting and chat with you about the innovative, affordable, and reliable zoning products we have to offer.

Matt Hoffman

Business Development Manager

Hi! I’ve been the Business Development Manager with Arzel Zoning since November 2019. The thing I enjoy most about working at Arzel is the family atmosphere, and talking with people that love to use our product. Recently, I’ve been contacting new contractors across the U.S. talking about all the benefits of Arzel Zoning, why Arzel is more reliable, quieter, and so much easier to install than other zoning products. Let’s chat! 

Jason MacCartney

Tech Support Specialist

Hi! With 9 years of HVAC experience in the residential and light commercial market, and being with Arzel now for 2 years, I look forward to sharing my knowledge of Arzel with you and look forward to chatting about how to help improve your customers’ comfort with our affordable zoning products! Ask me about Webinars! 

Joel Rozier

Tech Support Specialist

Hi! With over two years at Arzel and 15 years in the HVAC Industry, I look forward to helping contractors & technicians better understand Arzel Zoning products and improve profitability and productivity. I also love to travel and teach – Ask me about training at your facility! 



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GTPro Brochure


Our most versatile panel! The HeatPumPro® can be equipped with an optional solenoid to control the humidifier bypass damper. There is also a built in fossil fuel kit and advanced dual fuel technology included in the panel’s software, eliminating the need for additional controls. These options make the panel the most cost-effective, efficient option to zone any home or office.

Universal Compatibility – The HeatPumPro® works with any standard 24 volt system including split geothermal, heat pump, and conventional furnace and air conditioner. This makes the HeatPumPro® perfect for both new construction and retrofit applications.

Minimal Bypass Required – By controlling fan speed independently, little or no bypass is required with the HeatPumPro® panel, which improves the efficiency of the equipment and saving the homeowner on utility bills.

Custom Programmability – The HeatPumPro® is run by software so it allows you to program the system according to a homeowner’s comfort needs. This makes it extremely versatile and gives the homeowner the opportunity to save money while increasing their comfort.