We understand that many business owners and contractors struggle to get it all done in a day and there are many service providers to choose from. In order to get rid of some of that stress, our team at APR Supply Co. has done the research and leg work for you. If you could use additional resources in managing your business, check out our recommended service providers below.

Turbocharge your techs, organize your office, save time, and make more money with field service management software. FieldEdge provides the ability to connect and organize, integrate QuickBooks, sell smarter, and much more.

PowerPay is a digital lending platform that is built to save you and your customers money. They’ve eliminated contractor fees, credit cards, prepayment penalties, and cut out middlemen with the goal of delivering the lowest monthly payment in the least amount of time. That means less time spent haggling with customers to make projects affordable, and more time spent building your business.


Schedule Engine is your 24/7 digital customer service representative. They give you the ability to offer your home services customers smart online repair and sales scheduling. Schedule Engine does this and more—all while reducing your cost per appointment.

More repeat business equals more revenue. Spotlight identifies customers in your database with untapped revenue opportunities. Then, it automatically sends them communications to get you back in the door.

Your Service Manager helps you run your business more efficiently. Providing business consulting, financing, and office support services, they are a fully developed service partner.